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➡ blood on the dance floor ✖

C h a r m i ♥
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♥ Name: Crystal.
♥ Gender: Female.
♥ Age: 9teen.
♥ Birthdate: 1991.05.26.
♥ Grade: 2nd year university student.
♥ Status: Single.
♥ Ethnicity: ½ Black & ½ Asian (Filipina).
♥ Horoscope: Gemini.
♥ Height & Weight: 5'7" & 120 lbs.
♥ Current Occupation: Student.
♥ Current Location: Illinois, USA.

My name is Crystal but I also go by my online alias, Charmi. I'm just your normal teenage girl who loves to live life & have fun! I currently reside in the United States with my family and as of right now, my current occupation is just being a hard-working university student. ♥ I love shopping & anything cute/girly are big interests of mine. ♡ I love to sing & dance as well as listening to all kinds of music with pop being my favorite. As for languages, I know fluent English, conversational Spanish, a little bit of Tagalog and am currently learning Mandarin. My blog/LJ contains the daily scribbles of my life including pics. I'm currently a 2nd year student at DePaul University majoring in psychology to hopefully become a child psychologist, author, & TV personality working & living in Cali. I am also a proud sister of Delta Phi Lambda.

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